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Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN) is a collection of Perl modules and programs aiding in the development of non-linear mixed effect models using NONMEM. The functionality ranges from solutions to simpler tasks such as parameter estimate extraction from output files, data file sub setting and resampling, to advanced computer-intensive statistical methods. PsN includes stand-alone tools for the end-user as well as development libraries for method developers. You can read more about the different parts of PsN under Documentation.

Latest news

Version 4.6.0 was released May 23rd 2016, and is available here.

New features in this version include major redesign and extension to sir, a tool for fast and robust assessment of parameter uncertainty with automatically generated visual diagnostics of convergence and parameter confidence intervals, simeval, a tool for simulation-evaluation diagnostics for outlier detection, and benchmark, a tool for simple comparisons of estimation results and approximate run times across combinations of NONMEM options, Fortran compiler and NONMEM versions.

The complete list of new features and bugfixes in 4.6.0 is found here.

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  • Installation on Windows: Users who install PsN for the first time need to make sure they install a Perl version where the needed extra modules are available, see instructions on installation page.
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